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The purpose of “The Food Stretcher Plus” is to become a marketing catalyst to drive incremental sales between manufacturers of Consumer Packaged Goods (“CPGs”) to targeted customers in certain underserved markets. The Food Stretcher Plus program is designed to make the money allotted to purchase food of those (underserved) who are receiving government assistance and those grocery shoppers who are low income (but who are not on government assistance), enhanced or stretch the purchasing power of those dollars via the use of electronic coupons - hence the name “Food Stretcher PlusTM.

The Food Stretcher Plus program partners with grocery retailers to promote the sale of CPG food and household products that are discounted electronically to the low income and government assistance consumer. The Food Stretcher Plus program connects CPGs to the government assisted and low income segment of the population that is not reached through traditional coupon marketing methods. The importance of this demographic is that their buying power continues to increase although they are vastly ignored by the CPG industry.

Increases the spending power of the low income and/or monthly government benefit dollar shoppers by enhancing everyday shopping values through special electronic discounts