Grocery Retail Partners

Schedule a Power Point presentation to let us show you how the Food Stretcher Plus program can work for your business.

The Food Stretcher Plus™ program will:

  • Increase sales and provide an additional revenue stream to grocery retailers for assisting and participating in the Food Stretcher PlusTM Program
  • Recognize the retailers as a sponsor of the Food Stretcher PlusTM Program at every outlet that distributes the Food Stretcher information
  • Drive loyalty with this customer group knowing the sponsoring supermarkets is supporting a needed program
  • Create goodwill in the neighborhoods serviced by the participating supermarkets
  • Additional value to retailer’s target marketing campaign services by utilizing the surrounding community organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

    How does a CPG company participate?
  • List the products that your company will provide and promote
  • Create a design mock up and okay of the copy proof
  • Produce and verify the UPC code for POS
  • Sign the Food Stretcher Plus Promotion Agreement
  • When will the program start?
  • September 2015
  • How will purchase data be captured in reporting?
  • The purchase will be reported in the Electronic Journal log, Item Movement, and the PromotionManager (Name Varies between POS systems)
  • The T-Logs (Transaction Log) will also have the data. The reporting process will vary according to the POS system type.
  • Will the Food Stretcher Plus sales be separated from other promos in sales data reports?
  • The sales data will go to the respective departments to which theitems belong for accounting and sales tax purposes.
  • Sales may be reported separately according to your desire since everything is tied to a single barcode and promo.
  • Are multiple redemptions allowed by the same customer?
  • Quantity levels are set by the manufacturer and shoppers can only use the barcode identifier once per shopping trip. Shoppers may make additional purchases on subsequent shopping trips. In every case, the appropriate product must be purchased along with the barcode use to receive the discount. Keep in mind this shopper (low income and government subsidized) has limited funds and the possibility for pantry stocking or abuse is less likely.
  • When a customer uses the flyer at the register, does the retailer keep it? Or give it back to the customer to use again?
  • The retailer can keep it and many times will. It is important to remember that shoppers can only use the barcode identifier once per shopping trip. I emphasize that the barcode is only good when accompanied by the appropriate purchase.
  • What about electronic versions?
  • Currently, the offers are available only with the printed flyer although our website does show the offers available WITHOUT the barcode. We may add an electronic version in the future but not at this time.
  • How does the retailer get paid for the promo on the flyer? Are they redeemed through NCH?
  • Yes, NCH, Inmar or others, depending on what clearinghouse is used by the retailer
  • If so, how do they distinguish the items being purchased to know what company to charge?
  • The items are distinguished by a movement report on the program and by the Food Stretcher Plus UPC.
  • Do we have to be an approved SNAP or WIC item to participate?
  • Not for SNAP. SNAP allows their recipients to purchase whatever they want although they encourage their recipients to choose foods that are healthy and beneficial to their families.
  • The Food Stretcher Plus program does not require any government regulatory oversight for we also include the low income who are not on government assistance
  • How do we find out if our products qualify for SNAP or WIC?
  • How long is the flyer good for?
  • One (1) month - A large percentage of our targeted consumer receives a monthly check, voucher or government benefits
  • Is there an expiration date on the flyer?
  • Yes, the promotion period will be printed on flyer.